Transplant Administrator Compensation – 2020

Back by popular demand is our annual compensation survey data for transplant administrators.    The graph shows our current median base salary data for Transplant Administrators by UNOS region.  We used the median since the sample sizes for each region are small. However, the average was higher than the median in UNOS regions 3, 7 and 10 which means that most salaries were higher than average but the median was dragged down by outliers.  According to Modern Health Care’s Executive Compensation Survey, the weighted average compensation (base salary plus bonus), increased 6.5% year over year prior to the pandemic. This is in line with our data.  However, the effects of the pandemic have greatly impacted hospital revenue, with approximately 38% of healthcare organizations applying temporary executive salary reductions typically ranging from 10% to 30%. We determine what if any impact the pandemic has had on compensation for the transplant administrator at our next salary data report at the end of 2021.