Why should I use a search firm?

Recruitment and selection are two of the most important decisions faced by management. Hiring a search firm is an efficient, cost effective and focused approach to helping organizations find the right people. The fiduciary responsibility of any specialty clinical program supports the need for a national search to identify candidates suitable for these important positions.

How do you attract candidates?

Transplant Leadership Institute conducts candidate searches nationally. We solicit candidate recommendations from former clients and candidates, as well as colleagues and we cull our extensive database of thousands of people who are leaders in transplantation and procurement.
We also advertise in select journals and/or websites.  Many of the candidates brought into a search are NOT seeking a new position at the time we contact them. We engage their interest which develops through meetings with our staff, the Search Committee, and other key leaders.

How long does it take to complete a search?

For executive and physician searches, we present an initial slate of candidates to our client within 60 days. Normally, a search can be completed within ninety days. Because of client scheduling conflicts and logistics, a search may take longer than 90 days. It is important for the search firm to work closely with the healthcare team to expedite the search process.

What kind of organizations would use your services?

Organizations involved in transplant or oncology find our services invaluable. We specialize in transplant and organ procurement and we have developed a special expertise in recruiting professionals in this highly specialized “niche” area.

Does the candidate pay anything for the search?

No. Never.