2022 Transplant Administrator Annual Salary Survey


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nominal wages and salaries rose 5% in 2022 and median base salaries for healthcare executives increased by 4.5% based on data from consulting firm SullivanCotter. Employee turnover and retention is still the top concern at most healthcare organizations as employees re-evalaute their careers and work-life balance.

TLI has also seen an even greater overall increase in Transplant Administrator’s wages during the past year with an increase of 8.77%. The largest increases occurred in UNOS regions 1, 5 and 10 (12%, 23% and 13% respectively). This increase was driven by inflation, retirements, new program creation but also an overall high demand for talent. Our outlook for wage growth for 2023 will moderate to some extent but the overall trend will be slowly upward.