Five Tips to Move Your Career Forward

There are many articles and books written on career advancement, however, we thought we would write our version which applies specifically to the OPO and transplant community.  We are often asked by professionals in the field for advice on getting ahead and here are the top five tips we can offer:

  1. Network, network, network! So how do you go about building your network?  Your network first should center on colleagues from your current job and colleagues and bosses from past positions.  Keep in touch and develop positive and consistent relationships.  Next, try to attend every professional conference possible.  Meet others and strike up conversations, exchange business cards and information. Follow up with them via email after the conference.  If you have the opportunity, be on committees, be a presenter or provide an abstract.  Helping others in your field can pay high dividends.Use social media like LinkedIn to reach out to other professionals.  Post an interesting article or content which highlights your expertise.
  1. Be open to relocation. This is particularly true in the transplant field… get ahead more quickly, you probably will need to move in order to be promoted.   Being flexible and mobile is one way to boost your career.
  2. Hone those communication skills. The ability to express oneself eloquently and with self confidence is incredibly important.  Not only does it give you an advantage in the hiring process, but also it also is key for influencing colleagues and leadership, alike.
  3. Be professional and polished. The fact is, like it or not, that people judge us by our appearance and they want to hire and promote people who will fit in.  So, dress professionally and neatly.  Unusual clothing styles and hair, plunging necklines, too tight or baggy clothes should all go.  Professionalism also includes your social media presence…ie. Facebook and LInkedIn.  Employers will google you to see what is posted about you on-line.  If they see wild behavior and crazy posts, they will come away with the impression you are not that serious.
  4. Accept any opportunity to manage others. Managing others will help you take your career to the next level and increase your earning potential.  Even if there are not formal opportunities to manage others, volunteer to be the team lead, interim manager or shift supervisor.