Director of Family Services


Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) has retained Transplant Leadership Institute to identify and recruit a Director of Family Services. The Director of Family Services will be a member of the senior leadership team and is responsible for the direction of the Family Services Department. The Director is responsible for providing effective leadership, planning, and performance of the entire approach and authorization operation leading to a successful donation process for every heroic donor and family. This includes:

• Oversight of the process and responsibility for the outcomes throughout the donor service area when STA is deployed to speak with families and facilitate the potential of organ and tissue donation. Includes cross-departmental support and collaboration.
• Collaboration with leadership across the organization using real-time data to identify opportunities for training, support, and modifications of process to help save more lives.
• Leads STA’s family care processes and provides guidance for staff deployment, facilitation of conversation, completion of paperwork, and adherence to regulatory requirements.
• This leader works to ensure teams across STA’s donor service area are effectively meeting the organization’s approach and authorization goals utilizing data on an ongoing basis to determine opportunities for improvement to maximize results.

Requirements are a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience with at least 5 years of work experience. Management experience is also required. OPO experience is preferred.

Southwest Transplant Alliance plays a vital role in the recovery of donated organs and tissues for transplant. They are part of a nationwide network of agencies that are responsible for coordinating the recovery and allocation of organs and tissues. They firmly believe that their superpower is in their people.