Donor Network Medical Director


BloodCenter of Wisconsin has retained TLI to identify and recruit a Medical Director responsible for the overall medical operations of the OPO and for medical quality assurance of OPO activities. With the VP, the Medical Director has final authority and responsibility for all clinical policies and is responsible for all medical and clinical activities of the OPO and ensures that all clinical activities are consistent with prevailing professional and industry standards.  Is responsible for the implementation of the OPO’s protocols for donor evaluation and management, organ recovery and placement. Is responsible for oversight of the clinical management of potential donors. Works with the OPO staff to determine which organs are to be recovered and the appropriate methods for their preparation, storage, and distribution.

Qualifications: M.D. or D.O. degree with three years experience in organ donation.  Must have an interest in and knowledge of organ donation, good communication skills and familiarity with state, federal and national regulations and standards as they apply to organ recovery.