Prepare for that Interview!

“Semper Paratus” is the motto of the United States Coast Guard-ALWAYS PREPARED.  That might well serve the interest of candidates about to interview for a position that is at least seemingly of great interest to them.  Much has been written about preparation for that important job interview.  Readers can check these vast resources and review them carefully before setting out in their best attire to meet their next great job.

Preparation is key to success in a job interview. Preparation involves more than grooming and attire, though, so allow me to suggest a few key points to be considered.


  1. Seriousness of purpose.  Only take interviews for a position you would seriously consider accepting, if offered.  Lack of motivation becomes apparent quickly in the interview process and that deficiency can reduce all the strengths presented in one’s resume and discussed at length in the interview.
  2. Knowledge of the company.  One should spend time researching the company, the relevant industry and the principal leaders of the enterprise.  Learn as much as you can in advance of the meeting and fill in the blanks of your knowledge throughout the interview process.
  3. Steer clear of topics that are potentially hazardous to one’s acceptability to a company.  You’ll know what they are from your analysis of the company. Also do not mention benefits, salary, relocation, flex time, or other related issues during this phase of your candidacy…save that for later.  Also, stay away from topics such as politics, religion, etc.
  4. Getting the interview was an accomplishment-every vacancy has a number of qualified candidates.  Your knowledge of the company, your seriousness of purpose, your enthusiasm and your affability will combine to make each interview a success.


From the point of view of a recruiter, we work to assure that our clients only interview serious, fully qualified candidates.  Those characteristics can be calculated in advance through a thorough vetting process by the recruiter.  We guide our candidates so that each one will be able to execute on these four above points, however, ultimately it is up to the candidate to be prepared.