Problem Solution/Problem Avoidance

In considering candidates for a leadership position, an individual who has documented their success in solving major problems or issues frequently impresses employers.  We all recognize that problems occur in every enterprise and solving them is important. The ability to lead a team to tackle the issues in the healthcare environment is key for every leader. However, more important is the documented experience of a leader in preventing problems or problem avoidance.

In the field of transplant, an individual is correctly recognized for resolving major issues in compliance, especially when these issues involve state or national regulators and may jeopardize the standing of the organization.   Better yet is the leader who puts into place safeguards, and processes to maintain quality of care and systematic monitoring of the organization’s ability to document its efforts of quality and compliance.

Problems or issues of concern are disruptive of the daily operation of an organization that works to focus on their major mission, the care of patients.  Problem avoidance, for that reason and others, is preferable to problem solving.

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