The Job Hunt Never Ends

Many professionals in today’s workforce believe that once you have landed the job, the job hunt ends. They can put away those resumes, forget about combing the advertisements and focus all their energies on learning their new position. However, those who do this may be at a professional disadvantage. You see, even when you are happily employed, engaging in job search activities can boost your career. You never know when the next great job may appear. So what should you be doing?

First, continue to grow your professional network. This applies both internally and externally to your current organization. Your internal network can provide advice, help navigate the culture, dissolve roadblocks and help in obtaining resources. Invite colleagues to lunch, participate in company events and try to get to know people in other departments. Keep in touch with those in the field and establish new connections. These are the individuals who can give tips on job opportunities, serve as references and keep you in the loop on new developments. Join professional organizations, attend conferences and present papers.

Keep your resume up to date. Your resume is an important document that highlights all of your achievements. When you update your resume with current skills, certifications, and other notable accomplishments you are ready if a job opportunity emerges. You will also present well-prepared to potential search firms and employers.

Lastly, look for new opportunities…..yes, that’s right! It never hurts to continue to seek select new opportunities as they arise every few years. Even if you are not really initially seriously looking, interviewing for promotional opportunities keeps your interviewing skills current, you get to see other organizations, firsthand and you can determine your current value as a professional. You never know, you may actually land a terrific job in the process!